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Wednesday, 24 April, 2019



Mononozzle A combination of tundish nozzle and sliding-gate-type stationary plate as one item, through which steel pours from tundish to mould, and the sliding surface of which facilitates the tube change. All mononozzles have argon protection to the sliding surface and the majority have argon supply to the stopper seating area, although “solid” nozzles are available for use with e.g. CaSi treated steels if necessary.

Preheat Tube

Safety Heat TubeSchematic2 Sliding-gate-type plate with a hole the same diameter as the mononozzle, used for setting-up the tube change mechanism and, if appropriate, preheating the nozzle well area and stopper with a vertically firing burner.

Safety Blank Plate

Safety Blank Plate Blind sliding-gate-type plate used in emergency, and at the end of cast, to stem the flow of steel from the mononozzle.

Inner Nozzles

Inner Nozzle Argon injection inner nozzles for tundish sliding-gate systems, with or without tube changing facilities.

Tundish Bubbler

Tundish Bubbler Porous “brick” used to provide a curtain of argon across the width of the tundish to aid flotation of inclusions.

Injection Lance

Injection Lance Refractory coated steel pipe used to inject gas (oxygen or inert depending upon application), into steel in the ladle or converter.
Composite refractory coated steel pipe for ease of handling

Ladle Furniture:

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Ladle Well Block

Mounted in the ladle and supports the ladle upper nozzle.

Ladle Upper / Lower Nozzle

Part of the ladle gate system mounted into the Well Block above the lower nozzle (alternatively upper & lower sometimes as one piece).

Collector Nozzle

Contains exit molten metal stream and acts as attachment for shroud.

Purge Block

Mounted in the ladle to house the purge plug.

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