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Monday, 17 December, 2018

Rohr Changer Präsentation und Schematische Slideshow

Im Folgenden haben wir 2 Videos für Sie bereit eingefügt. Das erste Videosignal ein schematisches slideshow eines “Hydraulikrohre Changer” und einer Aufschlüsselung der alle Komponenten hierfür erforderlich, um zu arbeiten. Das zweite Video ist der Tube Changer in Aktion.

Tube Changer Questionnaire

How to fill in the Tube Changer questionnaire

Answer all the questions according to your knowledge. If you are unsure of what to answer please use N/A (Not Applicable). If you cannot answer the question according to your knowledge please use UN (Unknown) This questionnaire is for the specific purpose of gathering information, so Alcar International can fully understand your exact requirements.

Please enter correct contact information

  • Please fill out the following fields and we will contact you as soon as possible, Thank you

  • 17. The following drawings are required where available:-

  • The TC requires clearance of approx 1.5 metres between the tundish exit hole in the base and the ground for mounting purposes

  • 19. Does the tundish bay have:-

  • Thank you for filling out our Questionnaire, we look forward in speaking with you soon.

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